I began working with Alan in 2003 after learning I was developing osteoporosis. With his encouragement, knowledge and skill, I have been able to improve my physical strength and to maintain a good quality of daily life. Knowing nothing about weight bearing exercise, I definitely needed professional help. It was a relief to me to find find the assistance I needed.

Bettie Wood

Approximately 5 years ago I was having some issues with pain in my shoulder. I was getting frustrated with the constant dull ache, diminishing strength, and limited range of motion, so I decided to try physiotherapy to find out if I could get some relief. After a few visits with the therapist, it was determined that I had torn my Rotator Cuff. I was told there was nothing more could be done and that I would require surgery to repair the damage.

One day at Frederickson’s Performance Centre, I thought I would mention my dilemma to Alan Luhowy. I explained what the physiotherapist had mentioned. He suggested I try ARP just to see if it would give me some relief. I was amazed that after just a few treatments and some specific range of motion and strengthening exercises, my shoulder was back to normal. I believe without Alan and the ARP treatments I would have undergone surgery and many months of physio to regain movement and strength in my shoulder.

Blair Delmage

A monstrous thanks to Alan Luhowy with Champion Athletic Therapy!!

I have had two back surgeries, both very painful and left with partial leg and nerve dysfunction. As you could imagine it is very traumatic and painful. When I started seeing Alan I was over 220 pounds and had a very difficult time sitting at a desk or driving a vehicle for more than an hour. Suffering from anxiety, stress, and pain. Very embarrassing when you work in the retail sector. Not knowing if your leg will work when you stand up, when the next spasm will happen and so on.

With Alan’s exercises, diet, assistance, patience and several years later I am 186 pounds, can drive for over 4 hours with no pain. Discomfort of course but gladly accept discomfort over pain. Anxiety and stress both side effects of constant nerve pain, are for the most part under control. Or at least under my control, do the exercises and its not an issue. I will never be in the mobility of not having back issues. But I never knew I could have this much mobility, control, and power after two back surgeries.

Gerry McTavish

I have worked with Al for over 14 years. As one of his first clients I’ve always appreciated his knowledge, methods and personal training programs. Having worked as an athletic therapist serving individuals and teams, professional and amateurs,  Al possesses in-depth practical experience that has benefited me greatly over the years. Whether I’m working with him through a personal training program or he’s providing physical therapy or providing me nutritional guidance and suggestions, I’ve appreciated his methods and approach.  I would say that having worked with Al over these years that he has become my “one stop shop”, providing me a complete health and wellness package!

Michael Leech